Redefining Luxury 

Verre Lune is proud to be a small, female-founded and sustainability-guided brand making traditional products for the modern consumer. We believe that luxury and responsibility go hand in hand, that aesthetic never needs to be compromised, and that clean, non-toxic ingredients should be the standard.

In an industry where paraffin wax and generic one-use jars are the norm, we set out to redefine what it means to be luxury, and to bridge the gap between responsibility, functionality, and design. We’ve spent the last year finding our dream materials, testing hundreds of formulas, and hand pouring each batch with the utmost care to ultimately create candles without compromise. The final result: clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, and beautiful, versatile vessels designed to elevate your space and live on long after the final burn. 

Who we are

Verre Lune was founded by best friends and college roommates Sarah Liderri and Lauren Park in 2020 — a time when self-care and curating a feel-good environment was more important than ever.

“Candles have always had a place on our shelves, but when the stresses and confinement of 2020 hit, our occasional self-care practices accelerated into necessary daily rituals, and our fondness of candles quickly turned into a full blown obsession. We immediately saw a gap in the market for a luxurious and design-forward candle that was also clean and responsible, so we set out to create our own.

Ultimately, Verre Lune is a nod to our mothers, who always went above and beyond to make our homes a place of comfort and warmth. The name itself, which translates to "glass" and "moon" in French, is a play on their maiden names — Verriere (deriving from glassmaker) and Mun (pronounced moon). Each Verre Lune piece is designed with both of our moms’ timeless styles and sensibilities in mind, and made to deliver a bit of their warmth directly to your home.”